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Tallstar: Onewhisker. Where the hell is Mudclaw?

Onewhisker: I don't fucking now!

Ashfoot: Shut the fuck up with all this cussing!

Crowkit: *sticks head out of nursery* Shut the fuck up bitches! I'm trying to sleep!

Mudclaw: *pads into cmap, listening to them fight*

Everyone: Look! It's Mudclaw and his @$$!

Mudclaw: Oh crap.

Onewhisker: Where the hell have you been?!

Tallstar: Shut the fuck up Onewhisker and let me handle this.

Onewhisker: Fine you @$$hole.

Tallstar: Where the hell have you been Mudclaw?!

Onewhisker: I just fucking said that!

Tallstar: You didn't say Mudclaw!

Mudclaw: Uh, guys, guys. Listen. GUYS! I WAS JUST FUCKING HUNTING!

Tigerstar: *comes down with a bomb and sets it on the ground* maybe this will teach you not to cuss so much! *flys away*

Everyone: CRAP! *bomb goes off*

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