Tigerstar's death, all because of a frozen treatEdit

Scourge: O... M... G. It's missing! NOOO! I bet you some fucking evil person took it. One that likes to yank on my chains. That fucker will get what's coming.

Tigerstar: *walks over with frozen fudge over his face*

Scourge: What's that on your face?

Tigerstar: Uhhh, frozen fudge chocolate.

Scourge: So you took my frozen fudge bar!

Tigerstar: Yea but..

Scourge: SHUT THE FUCK UP! *kills and takes all nine of his lives at once*

  • Curtains*


Tigerstar and the BombEdit

Darkstripe: Uhh, whatcha got there Tigerstar?

Tigerstar: What are you talking about?

Brokenstar: Those red skinny sticks with twoleg wires and is counting down.

Antpelt: What the hell is that?

Tigerstar: Oh this, it's a bomb. Did any of you relize I was a suside bomber.

Everyone else: NO!

Tigerstar: Well now you know!

Silverhawk: Why don't we get out before that thing explodes.

Tigerstar: What's the point? There's only 30 seconds left. Now 20.

Everyone: RUN FOR IT! *they scatter around but find themselves in the same place*

Hawkfrost: CRAP! DAD! WHY A BOMB?!

Tigerstar: Now 10 seconds.... 5.... 4...3...2...

Darkstripe: *screams like a girl*

Tigerstar: 1.. *KABOOM!*

  • Curtain*