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Tallstar: Firestar, I'm screwed up. I need a beer

Firestar: I'll get Onewhisker

Onewhisker: What the frigg do you want? I'm //trying// to make out with Whitetail.

Tallstar: I'm dying you bi**h

Onewhiker: Great, so why the hell do I need to know?

Tallstar: Cos Mudclaw's a pain in the a$$

Onewhisker: So, can I be leader now?

Brambleclaw: Hiya

Tallstar: Yeah, I'll make a tree fall on Mudclaw to make him shut up (dies)

Onewhisker: Screw him, get your a$$es out!

Firestar: Hey! Onewhisker's gonna be leader! Tallstar died!

Crowfeather: Way!

Brambleclaw: No more of that black and white bi**h


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