Act 1Edit

Stormkit: Daddy, were's mommy?

Graystripe: Not now Stormkit.

Stormkit: But daddy.... Sniff

Garystripe:Shush.. Its ok

Stormkit: I think I understand now

Graystripe:You do?

Stormkit:You fell in love, you met in secret, then you had us, mommy deid, then you F***KING scrud over the F***KING world with F***KING unicorn magic!!!!


Crookedstar:Whats going on?

Graystripe:HEELPP MEE!!!

Crookedstar:STORMKIT!!! you promesed you would not tell!!! *runs away cring

Act 2Edit


Stormfur:Feathertail were you going?

Feathertail: Four trees *leaft

At the four trees the 4 others exspaned. Then it was Stormfur turn to tlak:

Stromfur: I'm here to find UNICORN MAGIC!!!!

Tawnypealt:WTF!!!!!*reaching back for her colt revover

Act 3Edit

At the sun droun place:

Tawnypelt:BAGER!!!! *SHOT MIDNIGHT 6 times* GOT IT!!

A few minits later

Midnight:Hello small ones

Tawnypelt: TALKING BAGER!!!!*click* MOTHER F***KER!!!


Tawnypelt:Shut up unacorn magic boy

Stormfur:Its f***king unicorn magic

Evreyone eles: *Sigh

Act 4Edit

At the tribe


Stormfur:Why did you fail me f***king unicorn magic?!?*sobe

When Stormfurs tears fell there was a flash of light

Feathertail: You were right, my brother, f***king unicorn is real. Thank you all.*dies

Stormfur: YES!!! I KNEW IT!!!

The end Stormfur Jokes By Goldenleaf88Edit