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Russetfur's Trumpet

- At the Moonpool -

Spottedleaf: *hums the Jeopardy Question Round song*

Russetfur: *plays the Jeopardy Question Round song on trumpet*

Bluestar: Where the hell did you get a trumpet, Russetfur?!

Russetfur: On 'www.get a' They sell a verity of trumpets!

Oakheart: Where the hell do we get people to be in StarClan?!

Mosskit: Shut the fuck up, daddy. Let Russetfur be her weird, normal fucker.

Bluestar: She learned some colorful vocabulary!

Snowfur: What the hell did you teach her, Bluestar?!

Bluestar: No fucking thing!

Russetfur: *starts playing trumpet again*

Everyone else: Will you shut the fuck up, Russetfur?! You sound like you're having diahrrea!

Russetfur: I'm so fucking sorry, but I love playing the trumpet! *plays louder*

Everyone: Holy crap! Russetfur, stop being Assfur!

Ashfur: It's Ashfur!

Bluestar: It's Assfur, dude.

Ashfur: Hate your ass, Bluestar. Your name should be Blueass.

Bluestar: Thank you for being your stupid ass self. See, Russetfur? You don't want to be one of these bitches. Now, please stop.

Russetfur: Never! *plays trumpet*

Tigerstar: *emerges from Dark Forest* *shoves dynomite in trumpet* *leaves*

Bluestar: Thank you, Tigerstar!

Russetfur: What the hell is this? *dynomite goes off*

  • Cutain*

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