The Basics!Edit

Hi! We hope you are having fun with this wiki. We are all about having fun, making good laughs, and just having a plain ol' good time. There are, however, a few regulations to this wiki that we ask you to follow.

  • You may not bully any users on this site.
  • If you want to make a page, please ask one of the admins first.
  • If you want to make a Clan, please ask one of the admins first.
  • When on chat, you may not do any of the following:
    • Fill the chatroom with useless posts
    • Make jokes that may deeply offend any users on the wiki
    • Share any personal information with other users (i.e. phone number, street address, full name)
  • You may not delete or redirect any pages without an admin's permission first
  • Before deleting or making changes to a particular user's work, please ask that user first
  • You can cuss (well, LOL, the jokes wouldn't be funny without cuss words), but please remain aware of other users' feelings and how far the cuss words may take you. If you take it to the limit, one of the admins will let you know that you've gone too far. But yes, you may cuss. :-D

Ways To Get BannedEdit

1. VandalisimEdit

  • If you make a bad edit you get a strike. Three strikes and a one day ban.
  • If you continue to make bad edits after that one day ban, you get a one week ban.
  • More bad edits gets you a one month ban.
  • And more will get you a year ban.
  • And more will get you a permanent ban.

2. ThreateningEdit

  • If you make a threat and it hurts or scares that person you will recive a one week ban
  • If these threats continue a permanent ban

3. Death ThreatsEdit

  • Any death threats will give you an immediate permanent ban.

4. SockpuppetingEdit

  • Sockpuppet accounts are previously banned accounts making another account. You will obviously be blocked if you are a sockpuppet.

5. MeatpuppetingEdit

  • A meatpuppet is a user impersonating a chat mod, rollbacker, or an admin. If that happens you will be banned.

6. Disrespecting A Chat Mod, Admin, or RollbackEdit

  • Please understand that your high-rankers work hard to make this Wiki good so if you are disrepectful you receive a ban for an amount of time depending on the severity of the offense.

7. OtherEdit

  • A sysop will decide what to do if you do something that is unacceptable. It is their decision what to do.

Thanks and please follow these rules and you will have a fun and comedical time. :)Edit

If you see any user doing one of these things on this wiki, let an admin know immediately. Thank you!

~ From the Admins of the Warriors Comedy Wiki