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Holleyleaf is Crazier than Leafpoop!

Squirrelflight: Kits, what I told Assfur is true. I am not your mother.

Hollyleaf & Jayfeather & Lionblaze: *gasp*

Hollyleaf: So Leafpoop's our mother?!

Squirrelflight: *nods*

- SquirrelflightLionblaze: *eyes roll back into head* *faints*

Jayfeather: Gross!

Squirrelflight: I know, right?

Hollyleaf: I'm so ashamed! I'm gonna go feed Leafpoop deathberries now!!!

- In Leafpoop's den -

Leafpoop: Hi Hollyleaf, I -- *interrupted*

Hollyleaf: Eat the stupid deathberries, Leafpoop!

Leafpoop: Okay. I'll do it. *eats deathberries*

Hollyleaf: *evil laugh*

- Later, at Highrock -

Firestar: I know you will all be pleased to hear that Leafpoop is dead.

All: Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

Hollyleaf: I can't bear it! I'm half-clan! *runs to tunnels* *throws herself under rocks but somehow escapes* Oh, crap! Now I'm trapped. I guess I'll die here.

Jayfeather & Lionblaze: Oh, no! Well, she was becoming wacko anyways. Let's go find Dovepaw. Dovepaw can hear and see things miles away! She has to be the third! Bye bye, sister!

  • Curtain*

- Chinapro2000

Tie of Death!

Lionblaze: *wearing tie* *runs up to Jayfeather* Dude, you gotta help me! My tie is evil! It's going to kill me!!!!!

Jayfeather: *slowly scoots away*

Lionblaze: Don't hurt me, tie!

Tie: *evil laugh*

- Later on -

Lionblaze: Who parked their car on my sandwhich?!

Leafpoop: I did.

Lionblaze: *explodes*

  • Curtain*

- spotz

Lonkit Leafpool: Squirrelflight, please name them Hollykit, Jaykit, and Lonkit. (Lonkit means (for me) a negative charge.)

Squirrelflight: Lonkit?! Why Lon?

Leafpool: Cause when he grows up, I know he will be the bitch of the group. The one that is overconfident and thinks to throw your life away for the hell of it. Don't care about your life, be the naughtious, don't give a damn about crap.

Squirrelflight: Oh, okay. Now that was interesting to know... Thank you, dear sister.

Leafpool: Always throw your fur into the wind and leave your skin and body to shiver. Never care for anybody but yourself, because that is all that matters. As for Hollykit, she will be very dangerous to be around... No matter what. She will always try to be the best she can, even if it means killing Ashfur in the future.

Squirrelflight: Will this ever end? I thought this page was for Lonkit!

Leafpool: Oh right. But he will be a lot like Hollykit, only Lonkit will be choosen for the prophecy. *rants about why she named him Lonkit*

Squirrelflight: *gets to her paws* *leaves her sister to talk*

  • Curtain*