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Ivypaw:Hi Dovepaw, did ya know that I was training in the dark forest with Tigerstar who is planning to destroy the four clans and got his @$$ whooped by a cat smaller than him and Hawkfrost a traitor and all the evil cats that had ever exited but is killed?


Ivypaw:Oh and I was being tricked to train with them because I was totally jealous of you got so many attention while I don't. So after I have invaded the camp with the dark forest cats, I will become totally evil and rule the world and become Queen. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Dovepaw:*Major gasp*

Lionblaze:Hey you can become our spy, like in 007! It will be f*cking awesome 'cause spy always the most bada$$.

Ivypaw:*shrug*Oh okay, then I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!!

Jayfeather:Stop with the joke, it's so last year.

Lionblaze:Yah, now you have to kill your own siblings. They always do that in every series and it never get old.

Ivypaw:*Random kill*Imma kill you, SISTER!!!

Jayfeather:Damn you brother, now the three become two! But at least we don't have to heard Dovepaw b*itchy complained about being special anymore!!!

Lionblaze and Ivypaw:YAY!!!

  • Curtain*