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The rename of HollyleafEdit

Sunpaw: Hey hollyleaf! Or should I say @$$Leaf?

Hollyleaf: *growls and glares*

Sunpaw: oohh what you ganna do about it?

Hollyleaf: Tell your mom!

Squirrlflight: *Walks over to hollyleaf* She's dead smart one!

Sunpaw: *Walks over to the leader and whispers*

Leader: Hollyleaf by the powers of @$$clan i change your name to @$$Leaf!

How the tunnels really fell in on Hollyleaf:Edit

Hollyleaf: I'm sick of this! My mother broke the Warrior Code, and My father's a b****

Lionblaze: Thats no reason to sulk like that!

Hollyleaf: *runs inside the tunnels*

Squirrelflight: *steps on the tunnels* Hollyleaf? Where are you? WHOA!! *hops out of way of falling cave* Uh-oh... Oh well! Now WindClan can't use them anymore!

Hollyleaf: (inside tunnel) *mumbles* Fat b******...


Hollyleaf's MuffinEdit

Hollyleaf runs into the tunnel*

Hollyleaf: Finally! I chased this muffin so I could eat it!

Sol: *narrows eyes* HEY! Why are you in my muffin factory?

Hollyleaf: *shrugs*

Sol: Me is angry

Hollyleaf: *eats muffins*

Sol: HEE HEE *explodes*

- I (This is not a good joke at all by me :P)

Hollyleaf Joke #3Edit

Hollyleaf: I'm so sad and depressed because my mom is a lieing fat b****. *Crying hysterically and runs into the tunnels*

Jayfeather: No Hollyleaf it's going to f**king col-.

  • Tunnels cave in.*

Jayfeather: God damn it Hollyleaf! You f**king piece of sh*t! Now how the hell am I going to explain this to that fat @$$, Firestar!

Lionblaze: Look on the bright side Jayfeather, at least we dont have to listen to her complain all damn day.

Jayfeather: Yeah, but she didn't listen to me...

Lionblaze: Jayfeather, no one listens to you.

Jayfeather: Shut the f**k up Lionblaze.

And then everything just went to hell...

(Not the best joke but I tried)

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