Talks to crowfeather "whats up dog?" He says "WOAH WOAH WOAH  what did you just call me!?" (Silence) "nutt'n..." (still silence) "well your a bad boyfriend." *starts to swet* "it's not like it sounds... feathertail?" "Oh hi sharptooth" (jumps on rock) "no point in living now ey?" (Crowpaw stares) "feathertail no!!!" "Like I said no poi-" (rock falls) (brambleclaw walks in with squirrelpaw) "what happened here?" THEH ONDEdit

1Crowfeather: You are so sexy, Nice a**. You should have been named Featherass.

Feathertail: That was so disgusting. Oh look, Sharptooth is terrorizing the Tribe Of Rushing Water cats. I may as well die now instead of listening to this mope talk about my A** all day. 

  • Jumps onto rock. *

Crowfeather: no!!! Featherass! NO!!!!

Feathertail: My name is Feathertail, and bye!!!

  • dies *

Crowfeather: I think I'll go see Leafass now.

Leafpaw thinks: Did Crowfeather just call me Leafass???