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The new kid in town - DovewingEdit

Lionblaze: You were destined to have the power of 3... *echos*

Dovewing: So I have powers?! Can I fly! Jayfeather can!

Jayfeather: -_- what do you mean?

Dovewing: Jay jay fly fly!

Jayfeather: oh crap *face paw*

Dovewing: Jump of a cliff! Jay jay *sniggers*

Jayfeather: ..Why..

Dovewing: Where's your power! Prove it to me, cause I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! *looms over Jayfeather*

Jayfeather: *reads Dovewing's mind* What about you Dove dove! You got a wing, fly!

Dovewing: Ya, I'm not a scaredy cat like you! *runs to cliff*

Jayfeather: No I didn't mean it like that! I take it back!

Dovewing: *pokes tongue out at Jayfeather* Catch me if you can! *lies down on air and falls off cliff*

Jayfeather: *rolls eyes* you bitch

Dovewing: *screams and dies!*

  • curtain*


spotz- random joke?Edit

Dovewing: so, i have powers?

Jayfeather: maybe

Dovewing: so, what's my power?

Jayfeather: i don't know, you should know that

Dovewing:well, i can hear stuff far away.

Jayfeather: no kidding. I really don't care anymore.

Dovewing: *throws temper tanturm* but i have powers! I can rule the universe!

Jayfeather: okay, you're getting on my nerves.That's strike one!


Dovewing:Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay JAy Jay JAy Jay JAy Jay Jay Jay Jay JAy Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay

JAyfeather: *ignores*

Dovewing: Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay Jay JAy Jay Jay Jay Jay *says jay about 1,00 more times*

Jayfeather: *snaps* WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!?

Dovewing: wait, never mind.

Jayfeather: *mutters* strike two


Dovewing: Jayfeather, why are you blind? Why do exist? Why are always annouied with me? Am I a bitch? wait, never mind about that last one, i know the answer. but why do oyu hate squirrelflight and leafpool?

Jayfeather: *sighs* idon't know, i don't know, you're a bitch, yes, and they're bitches too. Now shut up

Dovewing: So, where did lionblaze go?

Jayfeather: Shut up

Dovewing: why?

Jayfeather: Shut up

Dovewing: why?

Jayfeather: Shut up

Dovewing: why?

Jayfeather: Shut up

Dovewing: why?

This goes on for awhile until...

Jayfeather: DIE! *randomly kills*

Lionblaze:*walks in* hey jay. I just got a message from starclan, they say that if we don't have dovewing on our side, we'll all die horribly.

Jayfeather: oopps

(not that funny, but still)