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Brightheart: Am I pretty?

Cloudfail: NO.

Brightheart:...NYEH! *grabs machine gun, mop, baseball and a chair*

Cloudfail:...Oh crap...


By Scourgey

Bluestar: "And the winner of the beauty contest is..."

(Brightpaw gets mauled by dogs)

Bluestar: *changes contest name*

Random cat: "Get on with it!"

Bluestar: "And the winner of the ugly contest is... Brightpaw!"

Brightpaw, suddenly waking up from being unconscious: "I demand a recount!"

(curtain) -Silverfang

Brightpaw: Bluestar, what is my warrior name? C'mon, spit it out b*tch.

Bluestar: For calling me b*tch, you will be Lostbitch. Because you are one lost little b*tch.

Lostbitch: WHAT???? 

Graystripe: How about Lostface?

Bluestar: That's too mean, let's call her Lostbitch.

Lostbitch: Lostbitch is meaner than Lostface???

Bluestar: Yep.

( Curtain closes )