So they ask me "hey how did you get your claws?". And, I said "well to start, I fell in a bramble Bush"...


Brambleclaw: graystripe, I know your fur is gray but, you don't have a stripe. Graystripe: [offended] well, you fell into a bramble Bush. Brambleclaw: [getting annoyed] well, your daughter took feathers from a bird and put them on her tail! Graystripe: [raging hard] well, um,uhh, oh, well your half bro hawkfrost, he eats way too much hawks and frosted flakes!!! Take dat!!! Brambleclaw: [trying to hold laughter] well, for your info, I don't even like him. Graystripe: [embarrassed] (runs off)

The next day...

Graystripe was exiled from the clan for being a doofus, brambleclaw became bramblestar for running out graystripe, he also got a Wii u, and got addicted to miiverse. THEH OND.