Brackenfur by wolfjesyo-d3gn2n7


Bluestar: Brackenpaw, you shall now be known as *cough cough*.

Brackenpaw: What?

Fireheart: Bluestar, what is his warrior name?

Bluestar: I said Brackenpaw's warrior name is *cough cough*

Gaystripe: Okay then! Congrats, Cough cough!

Cough cough: Okay, so that's my name.

Frostfur: No, no, my son is not being named Cough cough!

Bluestar: Well, I'm sorry Frostfur, but your son will be named Bracken*cough cough*

Brackencoughcough: I'm not going to the Gathering.

Bluestar: I will now be known as Smokingaddict in honor of my constant coughing!

Firestar: Aw, Bluestar, you dont cough that muc- *interrupted*

Bluestar: *cough cough*

Firestar: ... Not that- *interrupted*

Bluestar: *cough cough*

Firestar: Youdon'tcoughthatmu- *interrupted*

Bluestar: *cough cough cough*

Firestar: You know what?! Fuck you and your coughs!

Bluestar: ... *cough*

  • Curtain*

- Bluestar