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The Tragic Life Of BluestarEdit

Narator: This is a story about a she-cat who was born a kit of ThunderClan and her tragic life. You may find it sad or funny or fucking stupid. Her name, as we all should know from up there ^. Her name is Bluekit and here is her tragic life.

  • The day she was born*

Moonflower: Bluekit, sweetie open your eyes.

Bluekit: No! No! Save me mommy! I'm drowning in the gorge! Help! *eyes fling open* Holy shit! When did I get here?

Moonflower: Uhh, you've been here.

  • Her apprentice ceremony*

Pinestar: Are you sure you want to handle her ass Stonepelt?

Stonepelt: I would say no but she needs a mentor Pinestar. We can't leave her ass to die!

Pinestar: Or can we.

Stonepelt: PINESTAR!

Pinestar: Sorry! Ok, Bluepaw, your mentor will be Stonepelt.

Bluepaw: YAY!

  • Her first Gathering*

Crookedpaw: *walks up to Bluepaw* Hi, sense there is no one else to talk to here, I decided to talk to you.

Bluepaw: *looks at Crookedpaw awkwardly* Umm, ok, I guess.

  • The death of her mother*

Hawkheart: *looks at Bluepaw* Ok, I should kill her mother, and I'm guessing it's the silver one over there. Only because she the blue-gray one looks ugly.

  • Her warrior ceremony*

Pinestar: Why can't we name her Blueass, Sunfall?

Sunfall: I took care of her fucking training, either you use the name i suggest or her mother's spirit will haunt your ass!

Pinestar: Fine, Bluepaw, your warrior name will be Bluefur.

  • Her meeting with Oakheart*

Oakheart: Gosh, I would go for someone else that's cuter, but your the best I got so I am going to be with you.

Bluefur: Are you fucking saying I'm ugly?

Oakheart: Uhhh, no.

Bluefur: Ok.

  • Her giving birth to kits*

Featherwhisker: Just push. *he mutters* you ugly bitch.

Bluefur: *lifts head* what was that?

Featherwhisker: Nothing. Ok, last kits. Now push!

Bluefur: *pushes then makes a farting noise*

Mistykit and Stonekit: EWWWW!

Featherwhisker: Ok, you had the last kit. *sets by her stomache* What will you name it?

Bluefur: Mosskit.

Featherwhisker: *mutters* It's better then what I was thinking.

  • Bluefur giving her kits to Oakheart*

Oakheart: Ok, umm, I thought you said three. Where is the fucking third one?

Bluefur: Dead.

Oakheart: *mutters* she probably saw your ass.

Bluefur: What was that?

Oakheart: Nothing. *takes kits and takes to RiverClan*

  • Bluefur gets her nine lives*

Snowfur: Ok *mutters* ugly sister. *speaks up* I give you your leader name Bluestar. Protect your clan at all costs.

StarClan: Bluestar! Bluestar!

  • Curtains*


Knock KnockEdit

Tigerclaw: hay blustr wanna hear a jok

Bluestar: o tay

Tigerclaw: knock knock

Bluestar: who dere

Tigerclaw: not ur family