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How Scourge REALLY DiedEdit

*One day...*

Scourge: Hi orange kitteh.

Firestar: Screw you! I'm not no kitteh!

Scourge: Gawd you sound like my @$$hole former owners.

Firestar: That's not true! @$$ mean @$$paw... is right here!

@$$paw: Hi

Scourge: I see why they call you @$$paw.

@$$paw: Your mama!


*After Firestar lost his first life*

Firestar: Scourge! Face me!

Scourge: Wha-- I thought I killed you!

Firestar: You did. But I have 9 lives that were granted from StarClan! Well now 8 but still! Every Clan leader is granted 9 lives!

Scourge: Wait, you mean to say that if I die, I'll just come back again?

Firestar: Uhhh...yeah, sure.

Scourge: That's so cool! Kill me Firestar!

Firestar: Uhhhh.....sure I guess....

*Firestar kills Scourge*

*Scourge doesn't come back.*

BloodClan cats: Scourge is dead! Run for your kitty lives!

*BloodClan cats flee the battlefield*

The End

-Lucky (Ugh I should have put this in Scourge...)